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Ha Long Bay is located in northeastern Vietnam is located in Quang Ninh province, 165km from the capital Hanoi. This is the island waters identified in coordinates from 106 056 'to 107 037' east longitude and 20 043 'to 21009' north latitude 1.553km2 area includes 1,969 islands, of which 90% are limestone islands. To the north and northwest stretches from the town of Quang Yen, through Halong City, Cam Pha town to the end part of Van Don island district; southeast and south west coast of North Bay, in the southwest on the island of Cat Ba (Hai Phong). Halong Bay including Bai Tu Long Bay, Bai Tu Long Bay resembles valuable natural areas World Heritage Halong Bay landscape, geology, geomorphology, biodiversity and cultural history .


The buffer zone of the World Heritage Site of Ha Long Bay is a strip surrounded absolute protection area, to the west - northwest and north - northeast, is defined by the Gulf Coast along Highway 18A, since turning point in Tuan Chau island (Halong city) to 11 kilometers (Quang Hanh ward, Cam Pha city). Width buffer zone from 5 - 7 km from the sea line 18A, the range goes from 1-2 km.

Dated 12.17.1994, in the 18 th session in Phuket, Thailand, the World Heritage Committee has recognized Ha Long Bay to the list of World Natural Heritage with prominent global value of the landscape itself Nhien. World Heritage Sites by UNESCO with an area of ​​434 km2, including 775 islands of which 411 have been named island. This is where the focus of a lot of caves and rocky islands famous beaches, is limited by three points: First Wood Island (west), Dau Island (south), Cong Tay Island (east). In 2000, at the 24th session in the city of Cairns, Queensland, Australia, the World Heritage Committee has once again recognized Ha Long Bay World Heritage 2nd with outstanding value to address global tight.


Both times were recognized on the first recognition of UNESCO for world natural heritage in Vietnam. Not only is the common property of all humanity, since 1962 Halong Bay Vietnam State was ranked as Landscape national level; 2009 was a special National Monument; is one of 39 members of the world's most beautiful bays. 2011 surpass 261 famous wonders worldwide, Ha Long Bay has been supported by international friends selected as one of the new 7 natural wonders of the world.


Ha Long means "Dragon down", before the nineteenth century the name Ha Long Bay has not been recorded in ancient documents of our country, that these waters are known for the name Lu Chau, Luc Thuy, An Bang, An Quang, Hai Dong, Hoa Phong, Yao Feng .... Not until the late nineteenth century the name Ha Long Bay appear on the maritime map of France painted on the Gulf of Tonkin and in some French text article, Vietnamese letters.

In the journal "Haiphong news" published in French, has reported: "Dragon appears on Ha Long Bay". The story is summarized as follows: 1898, Lagoredin lieutenant, captain Avalangso met a pair of giant sea snake on Ha Long Bay 3 times. Not only lieutenant that there are many other sailors aboard the same witness. European associations, animals like the dragon in the imagination of people in Asia. Was it because of the appearance of strange creature called the sea dragon which was named Halong Bay?