Tour Ha Noi - Tam Dao one day

Tam Dao tourist resort located on Tam Dao mountain range at an altitude of 900 m above sea level. Hanoi the capital, about 80 km including 50 km along Highway 2 and about 24 km in highway 2B while 13 kilometers of downhill.

Tam Dao tourist area with spectacular mountain scenery, covers an area large Delta. Year-round cool climate, the average temperature is 18 ° C - 25 ° C. Summer from May to September temperatures in the sweltering lowland provinces usually from about 27oC - 38oC, the Tam Dao is an ideal place for the apparent rotation of the 4 seasons in one day. Se se morning spring breeze, warm summer afternoon, lãng autumn afternoon autumn cold evenings of winter.

Small tourist resort, lovely with roads up and down the winding, tortuous small, like a stream flowing cross country trails throughout the four seasons. Tam Dao name is due to three high mountain Thach Ban (1.388m), Thien Thi (1.375m) and Phu Nghia (1,400m) cloud rising above the sea. Standing between earth and sky, overlooking three "islands" undulating uphill crowd "wave cloud", we can understand why this cool lands named Tam Dao.

Tam Dao tourist destinations of the French discovered and built in the early 19th century to 1940, Tam Dao has been an "urban" high mountain with 145 buildings, luxury villas, magnificent; of which there are 60 villa-style architecture in many different ways. Now the old mansion is only ruins in ruins, crumbling, inert out foundations, walls, underground work is mixed with grass, moss, weathered ...


Nature has endowed Tam Dao a great scene: both poetic, if President, just majestic, magical cloud in sight wind, smog playing on the mountain and then swooping down to the grass, the houses along the slopes Mountain. So Tam Dao is the ideal place for your weekend of rest after a week of hard work. Cai feeling when you first stepped foot in Tam Dao is where there seems to be one the giant natural conditioning, cold air is quietly injection for the whole region. Fresh air, cool to bewitching.