Tour Ha Noi - Ecotourism Zone Trang An

Ecotourism Zone Chang'an - located in scenic Chang'an population, Ninh Binh province - covering an area of ​​2168 hectares, the capital, Hanoi, 90 km south, actually became the "Place of dream, place looking forward to "the domestic and foreign tourists. Contains the global outstanding value of tectonic geology, geomorphology, archeology and aesthetics should resort has been recognized as honored UNECO Cultural Heritage and Natural World.

Eco panoramic mountains a majestic, magnificent mountain created by the world is multifaceted mirror into rivulets winding, meandering connecting caves, pristine valleys, period incredible beauty secrets. Visited the area

Trang An eco-tourism, tourists will experience each emotions, discover distant roots of human life, enjoy the pure beauty and essence the same atmosphere as the filter bar and proud with golden touches of bold history in the mountains, living in the early beginning of the process of national construction of three dynasties King breakfast: King Dinh Tien Hoang and King Le Dai Hanh King Ly Thai to


The combination of different types of tourism such as ecotourism, Spirituality and Historic tours create rich, compelling. The enthusiastic service, attentive, friendly team of guides and locals always satisfy guests. Wishing you a rewarding travel and leisure.