Combo tour Ha Noi - Moc Chau 4 day

Moc Chau Plateau is a vast and most beautiful mountains of the north, the climate is temperate monsoon famous tourist attractions such as Doi Hang, Moc Chau pine forests, waterfalls Taixing ... and indispensable the tea hills, pastures in Moc Chau town NT. Every year thousands of districts have welcomed guests to visit and vacation, but has yet to match the potential of the district capital. Ongoing district completed the ecotourism area in the town of Moc Chau and Moc Chau NT. The agency responsible for promoting and developing tourism is rustic European Management Board of Moc Chau Tourism District Party Committee headquarters at the edge of cultural tools- Moc Chau district.


There has been completed and put into operation a number of areas: Strip mining bib, Bat Cave, lake pine forests of ecology + Ang, Dong Sang. Moc Chau is known for many beautiful scenes of nature and rich cuisine.

Moc Chau is the most famous dish of the Mong ethnic people Pia dishes. Dishes are cooked with goat heart (without heart goats may be replaced by heart horses, calves, ... but not characterized by). For those who are unfamiliar or picky eating will never dare to eat this (you can learn more about the item level on intenet). There is also a rotating dish calf. Veal calves milk is that male newborn. Recorded with butter veal also originated from here. Veal dishes filmed here because the veal is tender, and very specific tastes. Excellent tasty.


Up here is the most beautiful in November to March (especially November to January with overflowing flowers blooming on Mount bok choy. May 1-3, flowering plum, cherry, flowering balconies April White blooming forest, may have plum).