Combo Tour Ha Noi - Ha Giang 3 day, 2 night

Ha Giang is known as a "paradise" with terraced rice stunning ninth season, triangular circuit fields untouched stretches from the valley to the village.

Along the way, across the ridge, a light blush purple flowers bobbing like carpet. Ha Giang with winding mountain roads, twisty corners and continuous swirling along with the wild beauty, idyllic nature has captivated the traveler across the ...

The sunshine of a new day down dusk valley in Dong Van bustling vocal voices laughing, traveling, calling each other and the sound of rattles, the horses and the new fair weekend only meeting. Ethnic girls in brightly colored dresses bat embroidered meticulously for months, the brocade scarf with a unique pattern on the first team. Both markets glowed just as gardens by the vivid colors of the costumes Hmong, Dao, Tay, Nung ...

Highland ethnic people go to the market not only buying and selling goods, but also to meet and exchange, stimulating conversation, drinking together cup corn or spin clothes around trying to win a hot pan. The items sold at the fair are the items made by local people, the produce mountains: Brocade, soybeans, mushrooms, honey, cardamom, suffering compliment. The silver bracelet is engraved simple enough shape styles ... dresses, colorful scarves with lots of colorful textures look very nice ... a corner all markets by the color brightens up blood…

Sa Phin portal 15km from Dong Van district towards Yen Minh district, the sky is the destination port can not be ignored with anyone to Ha Giang. From the portal, you can take in the views Sa Phin valley dreaming, the rolling undulating peaks, the castle of King Cat Vuong Chi Sinh. Castle King Cat palace served as the ancient emperors, is an architecturally beautiful building, a rare and very unique these highlands


26km from Sa Phin go further left until Flagstaff Lung Old, local head of the country. Standing on top of the flagpole, you will see the entire cultural village Lo Lo, as far the eye will see tiny roads, winding through rice fields, houses the middle of acres of green trees.

15km from the town of Dong Van and Meo Vac is toward the pass code Leng fee, translated as "horse nose", translated as the rugged mountain pass that horse go through tarpaulin must also vía, slightly optimistic. Dubbed the "First Pass heaven", Ma Pi Leng Pass is the most beautiful and majestic mountains of northern Vietnam with a side of high steep cliffs, deep rocky valley side is great and most hassle-East South Asia.

Looking down from the top of the pass stand the Nho Que river winding green four seasons, as a delicate thread rugged mountains sharp, which the clouds, mountains, sky, rivers converge.


Ha Giang is beautiful captivating season, every season a different beauty. Ha Giang whatever you have to repeatedly, in the flowering season apricots, white plum blossom season sun or blooming yellow grain shiny, white triangular boom circuit pink plateau, I still want to come to this place again, Again. To stand on the watch passes majestic mountains, the thatched roof sparse substandard halfway up the mountain and then I admired the strength and will of the people. To participate in the fair and ivory tusks weekend in yeast passionate, enjoying exotic dishes.

The images of the child lying on the mother's back, sleeping, soft mouth smiling old woman inside the loom, pictures husband walked her baby, corn trimmed wife, two boys chased each other on the Princess ... apparently slowly and quietly live ... have made the journey meaning.